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Goldman: At the very least we always had an end of the week drink, particularly during the Watergate era. It shrank its subscriber rate base, from 3. He tended bar in a funeral parlor that had been minimally redecorated into a restaurant. Elliott: Finally, by 3 o'clock Sunday morning, the last line of copy had been transmitted, and our work was done. Kubic: Arnaud de Borchgrave was famous for this kind of thing, too. Working in that system, you would get, on a big story, files from four Washington correspondents, Detroit, Chicago, everywhere. And he would say, "Could you have someone send these to my tailors and have them change the collar? Over that weekend, Newsweek's correspondents filed more than 70, words on the assassination—from Dallas and Washington and from news bureaus around the country and overseas. Friday after Friday he would pace the halls at Madison Avenue, head lowered and bow tie undone, scouring thick files of reporting for nuggets of news and color to enliven the exquisite narratives that would spring from his Underwood Standard, fully formed, just in time for each Saturday close. But no one yet has been able to produce wheat without chaff Hackett: And you'd have to go physically push him off the keyboard. It is uncertain, however, whether this particular use of the photo was prohibited. The money. In those days we always traveled first-class.

The main thing Microsoft and Starbucks have in common is that they essentially invented their businesses. The two researchers went out with cups from Harman's—the coffee shop, you know, coffee cups, in their purses—and they sat up at the bar and each asked for a martini.

He was the best newsmagazine writer I think I've ever known.

He's wrong. Kosner: I was standing with Peter Goldman, working on my second I. Come Sunday, Goldman wouldn't sprint to the set of Meet the Press. Elliott: As the full scope and horror of the events in Dallas sank in, we threw out Newsweek's regular sections, right and left. And the legend is that Arnaud was lying out on the terrace in Aman, Jordan with his upper body exposed to the sun, and there was some disturbance in the street and a stray bullet, a magic bullet, came through his window, pierced his closet, and penetrated five Savile Row suits. What did I write on the expense account? Goldman: He said, "You guys are with Newsweek, you should probably know this: the president was shot. And is Seattle grateful? De Borchgrave: Now, of course, everything is questioned.

That's how I knew I had such a backing in New York. Chuck Roberts interviews LBJ.

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Louis on Friday, so Thursday was my last day, and I'd only written a couple of paragraphs when Bill Roeder, the Newsmaker writer, invited me out for lunch. Pouches came in, in a box.

Besides hiking in it, another way Seattleites get closer to nature is by eating it. No call waiting. Because the writers both wanted two martinis. Its ac- coutrements -- flannel shirts, workboots and knit caps -- were what people wear when they have to stay warm and can't afford North Face down parkas. Goldman was not the exception; he was the rule. Time's editors in New York would decide what the truth was. In the end, they've learned something, whether they laughed or cried. Rick Smith liked some steakhouse that was kind of greasy, so you'd drink a lot of cheap red wine and eat greasy steak and dine out on everybody. But it taught you how to be a reporter. That was just kind of routine. Howard: We had the weirdest things to do.

I took another swallow or two and said I wanted moving expenses, too. De Borchgrave: Now, of course, everything is questioned.

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