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The most impressive thing is that he's equally impressive on both ends of the court.

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Iverson wore chains and was covered in tattoos, something pretty common on the court in the modern game. Furthermore, his success has been the reason for picks such as Andrea Bargnani inbusts like Nickoloz Tskitishvili, and the early hype surrounding Serbian prospect Nemanja Aleksandrov.

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James' personal essay in Sports Illustrated when he returned to Cleveland in came four months before The Players' Tribune launched. Counting stats are a tribute to longevity, but his game-changing hasn't been just about volume.

Parker left a legacy in Europe that Israel will not soon forget.

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The summer he spent in China with Yao Ming truly completed the package, and even while posting average numbers, his fans globally were sure to vote Vinsanity into the All-Star game. His entire career was built upon accepting nothing. He won back-to-back high school titles in basketball-crazy Indiana. J set the standard for NBA style, combining originality, huge hands, hang time and elegance to show future generations the kind of artistry possible in basketball. The Big O was the first guard to shoot 50 percent for a season and the first player to average over 10 assists per game. Top 5 most influential NBA players of all time These players have all changed the face of basketball thanks to both their incredible performances on the court and their achievements off it. Since being drafted first overall in , he's led the league in All-Star votes regularly. That's always where you start with Robertson. His career numbers are testament to the fact that LeBron is one of those once-in-a-generation type of athletes. Things went south with the Sixers as they chose to rebuild and Iverson now finds himself teamed with Carmelo Anthony in Denver. In a league dominated by swingmen like his former teammates Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, the Big Aristotle managed to be the biggest of them all to start the 21st century. When kids get into the basketball court, the first shot they take is most likely a three-pointer, because of Curry. Russell the activist is somehow more extraordinary.

That's crazy to say that about a time All-Star who still is recognized by fans who weren't even alive when he retired. James moved to Miami from the Cleveland Cavaliers in and won an NBA championship in his first year, following that up with another win the following season.

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With 11 NBA titles -- the last two as the first black coach in pro sports -- plus back-to-back NCAA titles, and an Olympic gold medal, Russell has an untouchable track record of team success. But as much as the Doctor has been praised for his highlight dunks, cool personality, voluminous afro and flair that carried the ABA and NBA for almost two decades, his actual play is still undervalued. Not to mention on the court, he started the trend of point guards being a scorer before a facilitator. Players outfits are broadcast because Westbrook has brought the fashion and style to NBA players. Email Jordan and Iverson pose for a portrait When James Naismith invented the game of Basketball in , I'm sure he did not imagine that players would start dunking from the free-throw line or making shots from almost 50 feet away from the basket. That clause's annihilation and the free agency that sprung from its ashes now shapes the modern economic and labor structure of the NBA. In the playoffs, he's already the all-time leader in scoring, second in steals and third in assists. Iverson led the league in scoring four times and steals three times, and those skills went hand in hand, as he gambled and scored fearlessly. As Jackie MacMullan wrote , "He epitomized qualities the city of Boston loves: fearless, gritty, arrogant, passionate and relentless. Russell the activist is somehow more extraordinary.

Yao Ming He's the most popular basketball player in the world today. The Houston Rockets take nearly 50 three-pointers a game, and without directly crediting it to him, they do it because of Curry.

He was listed as number 69, but just based on his cultural influence with fashion, he should be a lock somewhere in the top At one point, the only way to stop him was to foul him.

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One of Boston's best clutch athletes of all time. However, when it comes down to the final second of a game, there isn't another player you would rather have taking that shot than Bryant. During his career and in retirement, Abdul-Jabbar has established himself as sports' most imminent renaissance man and its most measured voice. It is obvious how influential of a player Allen Iverson was. Not a game. Well, Chamberlain had a penchant for shattering team records, too. Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Steph Curry all followed his trend as being the best scorer on their respective teams as the point guard. Playing And stardom did follow quickly, as Bryant was voted the youngest All-Star starter in history even before he was a Lakers starter. Bird won three championships but could have easily had a handful more had his teammates matched his intensity And now he's trying to bring a whole new Laker generation to fruition as team president. Many stars were born on NBA courts, but a few have changed the way the game has been played. J was cool, but don't forget that he could ball. Iverson was a heavy-scoring point guard, and he could score from just about anywhere.
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Top 5 most influential NBA players of all time