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This documentary film tells us the role of the government and how they respond and deal with people left in the city after the hurricane. I went through it back in Bernard Parish and the Ninth Ward were under so much water that people had to scramble to attics and rooftops for safety. On August 27th, , more than a day before Katrina made its way to New Orleans, President Bush, at the request of Louisiana state Governor Kathleen declared a state of emergency to both Louisiana and Mississippi. The Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act offers grants to help cities revise evacuation plans, includes provisions for better communication with non-English speaking people and those with disabilities and recognizes the evacuation needs of people with pets. Ultimately, 80 percent of New Orleans and large portions of nearby parishes became flooded, and the floodwaters did not recede for weeks. The difficulties in responding to these critical incidents make having a plan essential to successfully respond to, and manage the outcome of a critical incident. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin came under severe scrutiny for not ordering mandatory evacuations sooner. Continue Reading. Blanco did not seek re-election in The storm weakened to a Category 3 storm before making landfall along the Louisiana-Mississippi border on the morning of Aug. Hurricane Katrina will be used as the example, this paper will examine anatomy of a hurricane and it the conditions that are needed to reach the name giving status, how they are measured, and what is the local, state and federal laws governing the disaster. On August 29, , Hurricane Katrina dismantled several sections of the levee which caused it to collapse. One can say the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina and the poor execution is a lesson learned for all officials who are the head of Natural Disaster Preparedness. The agency said the work ensured the city's safety from flooding for the time.

At the same time, hurricanes are moving more slowly, spending more time deluging areas unprepared for major flooding. I went through it back in In Nagin was convicted of bribery, fraud and money laundering while in office.

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While many of the tourist areas such as the French Quarter have recovered, there are still neighborhoods just a short ride from the city that are just gone. Will the memory of who the victims were, and why they were in such desperate straits to survive, help us to renew a commitment to social justice, or will we forget?

It destructed the lives and homes of thousands of people, with a total of 1, fatalities Hurricane Katrina Statistics Fast Facts, Inhe was convicted of bribery, fraud and money laundering committed while in office before and after Katrina and is now serving a year sentence, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

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Childs' chapter, "From New Deal to No Deal: Conservatism's Radical Dismantling of Responsible Government," is the final chapter of the book of 35 essays by scholars, community activists, and others, including New Orleans-born Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and musician Wynton Marsalis. John Brown Childs, a professor of sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and editor of the new book Hurricane Katrina: Response and Responsibilities Santa Cruz, CA: New Pacific Press, , writes that Katrina exposed the consequences of the radical and systematic dismantling of the federal safety net that began with the election of Ronald Reagan in The poorest citizens of the city were forced to the tops of their homes for survival, left for days without electricity or clean water, were subjected to the sight of dead bodies floating in the street, and were portrayed to the rest of the world as looting refugees. Images of desperate individuals awaiting rescue on their rooftops, and masses of people packed together in deplorable conditions in the Super Dome, circulated the globe. Year of Occurrence Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina occurred in the year ; it made landfall on the morning of August 29th. The government should provide for every individual and should not discriminate due to race or gender. Specifically, this paper will look into each disaster to include the events surrounding them; the risks; and the assessments. And you know what? The damage was so extensive that some pundits had argued, controversially, that New Orleans should be permanently abandoned , even as the city vowed to rebuild. It was the vicious hurricane that caused severe damage to the citizens of the United States of America. On his way, the hurricane left hundreds of dead, affected hundreds of thousands and left billions of dollars in damage. Bush , seemed unaware of just how bad things were in New Orleans and elsewhere: how many people were stranded or missing; how many homes and businesses had been damaged; how much food, water and aid was needed. Find out when hurricane season peaks, how the storms form, and the surprising role they play in the larger global ecosystem. The city of New Orleans has improved resident access to evacuation and alert information.

It hit land as a Category 3 storm with winds reaching speeds as high as miles per hour.

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