How to write a bad hotel review

The police soon arrived, and the couple was asked to leave the property. This is leading us to next advice.

hotel review response examples

With much appreciation, Elanor L. Read and respond to all reviews — both positive or negative If, heaven forbid, a bad review does crop up on your TripAdvisor page, take a breath before replying. Thank the guest by name Even if the negative review is aggressive or hurtfulyou should thank the guest for taking the time to give feedback.

He laughed in our faces so we showed him the pictures on our camera. There are some obvious reasons for guests to give you bad feedback.

how do i write a review on a hotel

Example: I will personally supervise that all your other complaints are addressed that everything will be in order on your next visit. Having a bad review on TripAdvisor hurts your reputation.

Negative hotel review examples

If you treat every guest like a friend, taking pains to make their stay convenient and personalised in your great location, you should have no problems. Is there an easy fix to the problem? Then, when you go about resolving the issue, check in with the guest to be sure your solution is to their satisfaction. The police encouraged them to look into getting a refund, but the hotel would not comply. You should personalize your responses to the guest review and show your brand voice. It is a pleasure to announce that we will be implementing many of these upgrades to the property within the next couple of months. Explain the case or situation on your part. Barnesa said: We arrived at Laguna Hotel yesterday, hotel is the wrong word more like Laguna Nursing home. Make it obvious you care about making them happy. We will try the next time to be more than expected. My partner has respiratory problems so we went downstairs and informed the front desk receptionist who called in a man. Take a minute and remember that all feedback is valuable. A proper response to a bad review can do two things for you. I hope that I can convince you to change your mind about another visit to our property. We were shocked by his lack of professionalism and bad attitude towards an important matter such as hygiene and safety.
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What guarantees a bad hotel guest review (and how to avoid it)