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The interest rate on the account will help you decide which account will earn you the most money. What are the main risks facing the business and how to handle them?

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The interest on a savings account is the amount the bank or building society will pay you if you decide to save your money with them. Who are the customers; how much will they buy and at what price?

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Often, if you are starting up a business which has not started making a profit yet, you will need to show the bank a detailed business plan. At what stage will the business break-even and what are the likely profits? The tough part of the process is making sure you stick to it.

Poor planning is a major cause of business failure. More unusual exam types, such as controlled coursework and performance exams, require their own unique attention.

The secret to exam revision success From your desk in the exam hall, a summer empty of academic or curricular concerns is only hours away.

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