Christmas writing assignments for middle school

Christmas writing assignments for middle school

What are you doing? If you could award this prize to someone that you know, who would you select and why? In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of these improvements? Provide descriptive details about this memory. Share these quotes by Walt Disney with your students and have them choose one to respond to in writing: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. What are you thankful for on Christmas? For this activity, encourage your students to write a letter to a Christmas elf. Imagine that you are an elf in Santa's workshop.

What would it be like to be famous at an early age? Seuss Dr. Tell why you think so.

Christmas feature ideas

Imagine that your family has made plans to visit relatives for the holidays. Why is the Nativity story so significant? Have an idea you want to share? We must have a room -- a closet, anything. How do you feel during the Christmas season? Write an acrostic poem using the phrase "Merry Christmas. What would you do if you got to visit the North Pole?

E-mail it to ideas theholidayzone. The calendar pieces can also be displayed on a classroom bulletin board.

Holiday story prompts

Write a letter to your school principal arguing for or against Christmas parties. Write about your favorite Christmas book or movie. During the Christmas season, you see the colors red and green everywhere. Why have you been selected as this year's recipient? What do you do next? Visit Wikipedia's Hanukkah Page to learn more information about this holiday. Where do they go? Include plenty of details.

What is the most beautiful piece of music that you have ever listened to? They will need to include a list of ingredients, as well as instructions for baking them.

christmas writing project

How does it feel to turn on the lights for the first time?

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