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Students must have sufficient direct supervision to ensure that the work submitted can be confidently authenticated as their own. The independent selection of a range of texts continues, with a refreshed and streamlined offering comprised of the most popular, challenging and rewarding legacy texts.

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AS and A-levels are now linear, ie assessments in the final year of course. Any changes to marks will normally keep your rank order but, where major inconsistencies are found, we reserve the right to change the rank order.

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Please note that you should sign the authentication statement on the Candidate record form. Please make a note of the support the student received on the Candidate record form. If you identify malpractice after the student has signed the declaration of authentication, the head of your school or college must submit full details of the case to us at the earliest opportunity.

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The double unseen format of the legacy Love through the Ages examination has been replaced by a wider range of question types. At the bottom of the band ideas will be discussed in a shaped, relevant and purposeful way with a clear sense of direction, with one or two lapses in coherence and accuracy. Love through the Ages: Shakespeare now appears within the context of the examination. Ideas will be developed relevantly. A-level now comprises three assessments. Comparative critical study of two texts, at least one of which must have been written pre extended essay words and a bibliography. This means that you must review the progress of the work during research, planning and throughout its production to see how it evolves. For the WW1 option, areas that can be usefully explored include, among many others, imperialism and nationalism; recruitment and propaganda; and life on the front line. AS now comprises of 2 components. At the top of the band students will demonstrate a basic generalised understanding in the course of their answer. AS and A-levels are now linear, ie assessments in the final year of course. Avoiding malpractice Please inform your students of the AQA regulations concerning malpractice.

Set text lists updated to reflect updated subject content. How you deal with this depends on when the move takes place.

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