A discussion about the rules and history of beer pong game

While it may seem like a relatively new game, beer pong has been around for thousands of years. Elbows: Elbows is usually an unspoken ruleā€¦ until someone breaks it. If the shutout does occur, the losing team must do whatever the two teams decided on, such as going streaking naked lap or drinking a large quantity of beer.

Some play with 6 cups, others Many mythology texts do not even recognize Keystoneus. Video games[ edit ] A beer pong arcade machine.

Also depending on 'house rules', there are other ways to end the game. The formations, number of cups, when to rearrange and so on, depend on the rule set. Want to write for There are no recorded mentions of any beer pong games taking place in the White House.

Another 'house rule' can be stated before or during the game in the midst of a shutout.

ping pong drinking game

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By the time the s arrived, change was beginning to arrive too.

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A History of Beer Pong: Because Knowledge is Power