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Although a person could handle a carton and not leave identifiable prints, none of these employees except Oswald left identifiable prints on the cartons.

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Campbell, Office Manager, arrived shortly after the police officer entered the building and she told him the blasts came from the upper part of the building however he insisted the shots came from the embankment.

I thought the police made a mistake.

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So, apparently, he escorted them up because he did work here. After it was over we went back into the building and I took some police officers up to search the building. Since cartons absorb perspiration, powder can successfully develop a print on such material only within a limited time. I looked back at Mr. William Shelley and myself stayed in that area for approximately five minutes when we then re-entered the Depository building by the side door located on the west side of the building. And that pops up more than you want to know, and people try to say that that was Lee Oswald. When arrested, he gave his weight as pounds.

They took the east elevator to the seventh floor and ran up a stairway to the roof where they searched for several minutes. James Jarman.

642 things to write about pdf

In fact, he didn't change his expression one bit. When asked how they sounded There was one shot, a pause, and then two fast ones.

642 things to write about book depository dallas

When asked how they sounded There was one shot, a pause, and then two fast ones. Page but when I did look at it he did have his hands on the package like that," and at this point Frazier placed the upper part of the package under his armpit and attempted to cup his right hand beneath the bottom of the bag. Oswald" from October 9, , to May 14, It's near lunch time. This, too, was a forgery. This undoubtedly suggests she did not see the first shot miss proposed by far too many. After the first or second shot, she observed President Kennedy reach to the back of his neck just before he slumped down. I remained there a moment and then returned to the Depository Building through the main entrance. I remember him talking and I believe I remember seeing him saying that he saw us when we first went up to the fifth-floor window, he saw us then. He stated he was wearing a red and white vertical striped shirt and blue jeans

And then a few unintelligible later then we heard these shots, which I thought was firecrackers.

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